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Monthly archive April, 2011
Beckett to Castle: "Come And Find Me"

Beckett to Castle: “Come And Find Me”

A little background … it was likely the summer of 2000, 10 years ago now, that I was experiencing the perfect summer night in Los Angeles. The Frames had probably just played somewhere to about 5 people (this was pre-Swell Season) and people were gathering at someone’s house in the valley. They had a hot...
Jon Spencer Burns It Up on Castle

Jon Spencer Burns It Up on Castle

Sometimes you just need a little gritty blues rock to kick off a noir-influenced detective series. Blues Explosion fits the bill this week with “Burn It Off” as Castle and Beckett delve into a mystery involving competing pizza franchises in NYC. Closing out the episode, the lovely Lindsey Ray and the talented A.M. team up...