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Monthly archive September, 2011
The Big C's "Last Day On Earth"

The Big C’s “Last Day On Earth”

Oh, those Big C writers. They got us on that one, didn’t they? Such a good fake-out. Somebody died in the previous episode, so we TOTALLY WERE NOT EXPECTING SOMEONE ELSE to die in the final episode. Granted, I first found out about this months ago when I first read the script but I’m glad...
Castle Links The Chain Gang Of 1974 and Jen Hirsh

Castle Links The Chain Gang Of 1974 and Jen Hirsh

Q: What artist named his band after Ryan Adam’s birth year plus a Raveonettes song? A: The Chain Gang of 1974. If OMD is one of your guilty pleasures, like mine, you will be into this band. Despite the band name, the music is not at all 70s-influenced, and doesn’t bring to mind jail or...
Pick Of The Week: Wild Flag

Pick Of The Week: Wild Flag

If you know me at all, its no mystery what Pick Of The Week would be on September 13. I’ve worshipped at the altar of Sleater-Kinney since their inception. I hosted Helium in a KCRW live performance in 1995, and played The Minders debut in 1998. Combine key members of these bands into a super-group?...
Pajaro Sunrise is "Kinda Fantastic" in The Big C

Pajaro Sunrise is “Kinda Fantastic” in The Big C

I’m quite vexed with myself that I did not post this promptly but hopefully it will remind some Big C fans that they meant to track down that irresistible, delicious-sounding song at the end of the episode where Cathy decides that the whole family should go to Italy for Christmas. The song is “Kinda Fantastic”....