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Monthly archive July, 2012
Pick Of The Week: The Dig "Midnight Flowers"

Pick Of The Week: The Dig “Midnight Flowers”

This is The Dig’s second album and if I would have blogged more in 2010, their debut would have received a recommend as well. The album is flawlessly produced and every song has some interesting texture to it, I love that. But I don’t love it if the songwriting is not there to back it...
Pick Of The Week: Everest

Pick Of The Week: Everest

I think if a song can start off sounding like a Johnny Marr riff, segue into a grungy power pop Strokes vibe and then wind up sounding like the Doors, thats a great song. Such is “Rapture”, the first track off Everest’s new album Ownerless. And many more treats await you after that track. Most...