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best of 2013 revised 2Some people spend December making lists of gifts … I spend it making lists of albums. First a “definitely best of” list … then a “possibly best of” list … then a “better listen to that” list. Many headphone hours later, I always arrive at a clear cutoff point between the albums I am willing to go to the mat for and the albums that, although good, don’t quite measure up to my absolute favorites of the year. I don’t pad out the list to make a nice round number, I just let it lie wherever it naturally falls. This year the cutoff came at 35 albums. Now that might seem like a lot of records to you, but I estimate that 5000 albums, at least, passed through my office this year. That means these 35 were not just in the top 1%, but in the top .7% of albums released in 2013. So I think you should check them out. Chances are you’ll find something good. Peace, ~tricia

P.S. you can easily sample each album by using the Amazon or iTunes links below the artwork – I spent a ridiculous amount of time embedding these links so I hope you use them! Also, here is a BEST OF 2013 SPOTIFY PLAYLIST but be warned that several artists are missing from Spotify, including Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace, Wildlife, and only two tracks are available from the excellent Storyman album.

P.P.S. They’re in alphabetical order by artist name. Adding rankings to this list is futile when I love them all in their own unique way. There would be a different #1 every day!

arthur joseph - ballad of boogie christ 2013

Joseph Arthur
Provocative. Thematic. Arresting.
amzn band itun


atoms for peace - amok

Atoms For Peace
ThomYorke. Beauty. Beats.
amzn band itun

beach day-trip trap attack 2013

Beach Day
Bouncy. Beachy. Fun.
amzn band itun

bibio-silver wilkinson 2013

Melodic. Ambient. Lovely.
amzn band itun


black rebel motorcycle club - specter at the feast 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Speeding. Danger. Thrills.
amzn band itun

cayucas-bigfoot 2013

Delicious. Indiepop. Summer.
amzn  band  itun

dale earnhardt jr jr - the speed of things 2013

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
Peppy. Indie. Cinematic.
amzn band itun


dr dog - b room 2013

Dr. Dog
Gritty. Soulful. True.
amzn band itun

eels - wonderful glorious 2013

Pretty. Dark. Odd.
amzn band itun

fitz and the tantrums - more than just a dream 2013

Fitz & The Tantrums
Irresistable. Passionate. Faultless.
amzn band itun

frightened rabbit - pedestrian verse 2013

Frightened Rabbit
Sparse. Scottish. Epic.
amzn band itun


front bottoms-talon of the hawk 2013

Front Bottoms
Sloppy. Lovable. Punky.
amzn band itun

generationals - heza 2013

Hooky. Lo-Fi. Smart
amzn band itun

goldspot - aerogramme 2013

Poetic. Dynamic. Brilliant.
amzn band itun


growlers - hung at heart 2013

Enigmatic. Warm. Sparkly.
amzn band itun


head and heart - let's be still 2013

The Head and The Heart
Sweet. Melancholy. Acoustic.
amzn band itun


hitchcock robyn - love from london 2013

Robyn Hitchcock
Endearing. Quirky. Personal.
amzn band itun

houndmouth-from the hills 2013

Kentucky. Lumin-ous. Bright.
amzn band itun

iron and wine - ghost on ghost 2013

Iron & Wine
Dreamy. Soothing. Lovely.
amzn band itun


leftover cuties - the spark and the fire 2013

Leftover Cuties
Joyful. Relaxing. Shiny.
amzn band itun


local natives - hummingbird 2013

Local Natives
Yearning. Voice. Intricate.
amzn band itun


marling laura - once i was an eagle 2013

Laura Marling
Stunning. Timeless. Husky.
amzn band itun


moby - innocents 2013

Builds. Rich. Gorgeous.
amzn band itun


olms - the olms 2013

The Olms
PeteYorn. Classic. Organic.
amzn band itun

portugal the man - evil friends 2013

Portugal. The Man
Bedeviling. Rhythmic. Edgy.
amzn band itun


ra ra riot - beta love 2013

Ra Ra Riot
Love. Dance. Clever.
amzn band itun


ritter josh - beast in its tracks 2013

Josh Ritter
Bare. Heart. Break.
amzn band itun


royal teeth - glow 2013

Royal Teeth
Adorable. Effervescent. NoLa.
amzn band itun


sin fang - flowers 2013

Sin Fang
Giant. Robot. Folk.
amzn band itun

storyman - this time round 2013

Compelling. Guggenheim. Irish.
amzn band itun

thao and the get down stay down - we the common

Thao & The Get Down …
Girlfriend. Rock. Art.
amzn band itun

tired pony - ghost of the mountain 2013

Tired Pony
GaryLightbody. Emotion. Graceful.
amzn band itun

vampire weekend - modern vampires of the city 2013

Vampire Weekend
Genius. Happy. Songwriting.
amzn band itun


wildlife - on the heart 2013

Wow. Soaring. Celebratory.
amzn band itun


yeah yeah yeahs - mosquito 2013

Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Intimate. Layered. Growly.
amzn band itun



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